Snow Removal Services

Our primary focuses are Commercial Excavation and Residential Excavation. However, we also provide snow removal services. We are here to accommodate your demand for snow removal for parking lots, and sidewalks. Snow removal for commercial and residential sites includes stacking piles, compacting and moving piles of snow and relocating them on-site or to a dumping site with tractors and dump trucks.

Land Scaping

As we know, you have numerous different choices for each of the services we offer, but McCloud’s Lawn Care LLC landscape services care about you and your property, your image is everything for us. That image is built when someone first pulls up to your facility or house, and we can help you have the high-quality service of your budget.

Professional Leaf Removal Service

We all enjoy the beauty of large trees, but the shedding of leaves can be harmful to the landscape. Therefore, it is essential that leaves are removed soon after they fall. The good news? The McCloud’s Lawn Care LLC. Technicians will be there to help you in leaf clean up. Our leaf removal technicians are outfitted with massive blowers, tarps, rakes, and truck that vacuums that efficiently remove the leaves from your property. Save your energy from the hard work of fall lawn care and let us do it for you.

Pressure Washing

We provide you with both commercial and residential pressure washing services in Bloomington, Indiana. Our team makes use of cranes to clean your top floors meticulously, so do not worry if your building is multiple stories with our experience, we are well equipped to handle pressure washing apparatus carefully and efficiently. Hire us now to discover the difference pressure washing can make for your property.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is essential for maintaining the primary care of your trees. Landscape tree requires daily attention to maintain their structural integrity. Routine trimming is necessary to cut the overgrowth away from your home to remove lower tree branches, to clear trees from signs, or to keep from overlapping neighboring property lines. Trimming your trees allows the wind to blow through the tree canopy, it can reduce the damage process of trees during a storm. We give you the best residential tree trimming services with the help of our expert technicians who have years of experience in this field. We offer basic tree trimming services, not in or around power lines.


We know that during the growing season, your lawn needs extra care and they need to be cut effectively so they can grow thoroughly. Our lawn mowing and bush hogging services ensure your lawn is well-groomed by our technical expertise and precision so that your property may look highly attractive.

Lawn Mulching

If you want to improve the appearance of your residential lawn through mulching then controlling weed is the efficient way. McCloud’s Lawn Care LLC. delivers and installs mulch in numerous different of colors, to keep your property looking at its best.


McCloud’s Lawn Care LLC. provides you lawn care service on the cutting edge. Just like your lawn naturally wants to grow outside the boundaries you have set for it, our technicians go out of its way to give your yard a pleasant or clean, helping you do the little things that make a vast difference for us, it is the definition of McCloud’s lawn care service.


Our lawn care technicians specialize in the proper preparation of the seeding area to ensure seed to soil contact and successful germination. Depending on the site, our expert lawn care technicians will select the right type of seed for your lawn.

Yard Cleanup

Yard cleanup is one of the best ways to clean up your home and create curb appeal. McCloud’s Lawn Care LLC. offers yard cleanup service throughout the year to meet all of your seasonal needs. Our lawn care technicians can renovate fencing, repair broken walkways, or update and repair your existing lighting system to your landscaping, broken branches, overgrown shrubbery, and weed patches are a thing of the past. With the years of experience in the lawn care business, your manicured property is our best advertisement!

Tree Cleanup

McCloud’s Lawn Care LLC. offers you the best option for tree cleanup service. Removing dead, dying or damaged trees is a hazardous job. A very few homeowners who attempt to remove trees themselves damage their homes, destroy nearby trees and flower beds. The above situation can happen when you hire inexperienced and ill-trained individuals to do the same job. At McCloud’s Lawn Care LLC. we have the expertise to safely get rid of trees that can no longer be saved, and we do it at the reasonable tree technician cost.